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South Carolina State Garden Club Announces Poetry and Drawing Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Calhoun Academy students who placed in the state Garden Club writing and drawing contest:

Garden Poetry: Adventures in Gardening

First Grade:

First Place: Loren LeGrand Ott '33

Second Place: Mack Paulling '33

Third Place: Monts Burch '33

Second Grade:

First Place: Lillie Lynch '32

Second Place: Maggie Lynch '32

Fifth Grade:

First Place: Rachel Crider '29

Second Place: Lila Burkhart '29

Third Place: Campbell Strock '29

Sixth Grade:

First Place: Hannah Lanham '28

Smokey Bear: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Second Grade:

First Place: Daphne Stone '32

Second Place: Kinsler Felder '32

Third Grade:

First Place: Daisy Thomas '31

Third Place: Clara Corbett '31

Honorable Mention: Junuh Davis '31

Woody Owl: Lend a Hand, Care for the Land

Second Grade:

Second Place: Olivia Turnblad '32

Third Place: Kailyn Waters '32

Third Grade:

First Place: Madi Carson '31

Third Place: Kinsey Stowe '31

Fifth Grade:

Second Place: Katelyn Weeks '29

Third Place: Farah Whisenhunt '29

Honorable Mention: Heather Reddick '29

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