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Calhoun Academy offers a comprehensive college and career counseling program, which is an essential part of our school’s curriculum and experience. Our guidance department understands that no two students are the same, so the process is highly individualized and student-centered. We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to succeed in their own post high school career. 


Mrs. Clancee Felder

Guidance Counselor

The success of our college and career planning program is due to our student centered approach.

Our high academic standards allows our students to be well-prepared for the academic rigors of colleges and universities across the country. Students are more likely to succeed at higher level institutions that are aligned with their interests and capabilities; therefore, we are committed to assisting our students to discover the college where they will be most fulfilled. 

We are fully committed to provide guidance and counsel in all phases of the college process.


"We could not be more pleased with how Calhoun Academy prepared our daughter for college. Mrs. Clancee was with us every step of the way during the decision making process and she encouraged my child to believe in herself."

                                    -Calhoun Academy Parent

In the end, we strive for our students to fully understand their personal needs and goals for life after high school.

Some of our graduates may choose other post high school options such as employment, technical trade schools, apprenticeships, military, or gap year programs. Our one-on-one approach allows our students to receive structured career support during the decision making process.

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