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Local Rose Garden Club Winners Announced

The Garden Club of South Carolina invited our students to participate in their annual creative writing and art contest. All local winners will be sent to the state level for further judging. Congratulations to Calhoun Academy's local winners:

Poetry Writing

Theme: "Exploring Backyard Mysteries"

First Grade:

1st Place: Maggie Lynch

2nd Place: Kailyn Waters

3rd Place: Maci Prickett

Honorable Mention: Lily Davis

Second Grade:

2nd Place: Daisy Thomas

3rd Place: Madi Carson

Honorable Mention: Kinsey Stowe

Third Grade:

Honorable Mention; Ellie Culclasure

Fourth Grade:

2nd Place: Cynthia Zhu

3rd Place: Hallee Lambert

Honorable Mention: Mollie Haigler

Fifth Grade:

Honorable Mention: Kaylee Murphy

Sixth Grade:

2nd Place: Ella Jane Stickles

Honorable Mention: Barbara Haigler

Eighth Grade:

1st Place: Coker Carson

2nd Place: Sydney Haigler

3rd Place: AnnaBelle Thompson

Honorable Mention: Natalie Quattlebaum

Drawing: Woodsy Owl Poster Contest

Theme: "Lend a Hand, Care for the Land"

Third Grade:

1st Place: Baskin Felder

2nd Place: Isabella Summers

3rd Place: Ali Jayne Rickenbaker

Honorable Mention: Ellie Culclasure

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